How I began feeling „Suites #1-9” composed by St Celfer

As I wrote earlier, this album has music one of the most difficult to understand. The sound source for Space Between Points, Suites #1–9, overloads one’s abilities to filter information. Over a dozen of months I couldn’t understand why John think that it is his best works.

One time I asked John to recommend me something to listen to, something he likes or values (listening together has always been my favorite pastime). He recommended music from Nirvana, Joy Division and Bartok. It took a few weeks for me to find the mood to listen to this music and I found something much more…

Thanks to my learning of listening to very complex and alive background music of Joy Division and Bartok I can hear in Suites #1-9 about three times more information! My ears have become much more sensitive and penetrating not only for this music! Now I can hear almost all the sounds of the „Step.4D Symphony (Motifs)”! In other music like Komendarek I can also hear much more. Before, my ears were mostly focused on listening to melodies or just the timbres of sounds.

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