Why balloons?

There are many downsides to using balloons in music the way I do:

  • they are out of tune and out of harmony (sounds very annoying),
  • are out of controll,
  • cannot be used for live performances.

Despite this, contrary to the preferences of almost everyone – I fell in love with balloons from my first song („We won a son”). Reasons:

  • In balloons sounds I recover a lot of emotions and associations from my life – that’s why I invented „Confessional Ugly Sound Arts manifest (CUSA manifest)„.
  • Composing with balloon sounds give me pleasure (I love Audacity!)
  • When I was young I was learning about typical envelope ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release). I don’t need think about this. There is freedom! Same as with tonics or harmonies – there is no knowledge needed, no thinking but only feeling.
  • Money:
    • Ballons are cheap (good piano or good synthesizer are not cheap)
    • Ballons cheap to record (They don’t need perfection, I can use noise removal)
  • Balloons don’t need practice, exercises.
  • Ballons develop me in using Audacity and to make complex sound structures.
  • I very like these sounds (I know that I’m weird XD)

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