Who is Puch Okruch?

Why does he try to create a music/write about music?

  • He loves to do it,
  • he gets bored very often and many other things are boring,
  • for psychical health and cleaning his soul,
  • it is his destiny,
  • there is something of a mental sadist about him.

Why does he want to be anonymous?

  • He has a calm and boring life,
  • he loves his calm and boring life,
  • he wants his life to be calm and boring in the future too,
  • he is a paranoid person and he is afraid of the revenge of random listeners of his balloons.

Why does Puch Okruch is Fluff and Crumb?

  • My wife calls me: „puszek okruszek” (diminutive of puch okruch),
  • when I was around 40 years (a midlife crisis) I thought:
    „All what I created before, all I tried to create in my life was worthless like a fluff… I’m a crumb of world”.
    (Ja sem marny puch, świata okruch)

Who is Puch Okruch when he is not Puch Okruch?

  • A seemingly calm person (untranslatable „cicha woda” – Poles will understand),
  • a strange, sometimes a weird person,
  • a happy husband and father who is got more luck than brains in his life,
  • an untalented quasi-programmer and a weak technician,
  • an artist, who tried to be an engineer or a scientist once invented a joke:
    „an artist is an engineer whose work turned out to be useless”…

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