I began to understand Hohm songs!

As I wrote in Polish – to understand a piece of music mean to understand consequence of sounds. For those who don’t know, the songs H​Ω​: composed by St Celfer are approximately hour-long pieces composed of almost non melodic sounds. Ten months ago, when I heard them, I was fascinated by them. The sounds were hypnotizing and attention-grabbing. The problem was that I didn’t remember the consequences of the sounds. Everything sounded almost random and chaotic. Now, after dozens of listens, after analyzing long parts of „H​Ω​: I thought U thought I” I had an epiphany! I memorized the beginning of Hohm 2 and can listen to the entire song, memorizing every change in mood. I can analyze perchaps any fragment of these long and very abstract songs.

I once had the thesis that only short abstract songs or long songs without changes (like noise wall song) could be understood. Now I have achieved my personal record of understanding a difficult piece of music.

I’m delighted with my next adventures with the HOhm series and apart of that I can’t sleep, so I had to post this. There will probably be a review of each piece in this series in one of the next posts. It won’t be soon, because I need over 13 hours of listening.



Nowe nabytki – 5*”Alcatraz Music Hour” 30.03.2023

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