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„At the beginning of the XXII century, the most popular musical instruments were balloons. Thanks to XXI century’s composer, Puch Okruch (which means in Polish: Fluff Crumb), we can hear balloons in pop-music, rock-music and many others musical genres(…) At the beginning of XXIII century «Balloon playing theory» was introduced at Music Academies around the world.”
„Roll in Music Magazine” – Nov 2220

This blog is not in English because:

  1. My goal is not business, but my own entertainment
  2. When I write in English I make many mistakes
  3. I don’t feel the English language. It is like creating the music – timbres that affect the musical essence. I think that if I will write an English text, at first I should write in Polish, at next translate it.
  4. The Polish language:
    1. has more adjectives which express the emotions,
    2. is more elastic and we can express ourselves more accurately in it than in English.
  5. The application Google Translate is a very good, often sufficient and accurate tool (I can translate some parts of my blog If someone want me to do it)

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